Village Christmas Tree

You are invited to join in decorating the Village Christmas Tree...

You may have seen a Christmas tree arrive outside the Village Hall last weekend.

This is our Brent Pelham Village Christmas Tree for communal decoration and celebration. The idea is for it to come to life slowly in the run-up to Christmas with each villager adding one item, leaving space for others to add theirs too. It has been donated to the village with the wish that it is decorated by the many rather than the few.

Where possible please write your name on the decoration so it can be returned to you. You might want to add a message of greetings or thanks to friends and family in the village. Or add one for loved ones who this year you cannot be with.

On the 24th December, we invite people to walk around the village from 5pm to look at the advent windows in the village. The Village Hall is advent window 24  with a switch on at 6:30PM.  Collectiviely by the 24th we need to decorate the tree ready for then.

Of course, as the tree, lights and decorations will be out in all weathers and in public, their safety can not be guaranteed, so please only add items that you can bear to lose. Hopefully, though they will all survive safely and we will be able to each collect our items in the New Year. 

Brent Pelham Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas everyone!

Brent Pelham Village Christmas Tree...

Fish Christmas decoration

Add a decoration for each person in your household

Or add seasons greeting in a message to the village.


Or just something to liven up the tree.

Any questions about the Villlage Christmas Tree suggestions get into touch with Katey Hügi at

Baubles, Baubles, Baubles

From my time decorating the Village Hall for the Christmas Fair I have collected a lot, and I mean a lot of baubles! If you need one for the Village Christmas Tree, then just let me know and you can come and collect one. 

Merry Christmas, 

Katey Hügi