Village Advent

Calling all organisiors...

Last year for the first time we did a village advent calendar. It was a wonderful achievement and experience. We set out to countdown to Christmas together but achieved so much more!

We are looking for someone or a group of people to run it again this year. If you would like to get involved then please get in touch with Katey Hügi

See how we celebrated last year...

Select a window image to open into the window to view a larger image. 

Window 9,
2 Foxway

Window 15,

Window 3,
4The Causeway

Window 18,

Window 7, Beeches

Window 21,
Huntsman House

Window 2,
4 Lower cottages

Window 8,
Church Cottages

Window 1,
1 Foxway Way

Window 10, Meesdon Corner Cottage

Window 24,
Brent Pelham Village Hall

Window 12,
Down Hall House

Window 22,
8 The Causeway

Window 5

Window 5,
5 The Causeway

Window 14,
2 The Causeway

Window 16,
Westley Farm

Window 11,
Orchard House

Window 4,
The Old Vicarage

Window 19,
Stocks View

Window 20,
The Black Horse

Window 6,
3 Lower Cottage, The Causway

Window 13,
Apple Cottage

Window 23,

Window 17,
2 Smithy Cottages

Window 25,
St Mary's Brent Pelham