Window 5

Window number 5

Window number 5 at 5 The Causeway, Brent Pelham Window number 5 was opened with a fantastic sound track, …Thank you everyone at 5 The causeway for all your support. Watching the neon lights go on in time with the… Read More »Window number 5

Window number 4

Window number 4 at The Old Vicarage, Brent Pelham On the fourth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Four Calling Birds Beautiful window. Thank you all at the Old Vicarage. Twelve days of Christmas On the twelfth day of Christmas… Read More »Window number 4

Window number 3

Window number 3 at 4 The Causeway, Brent Pelham A wonderful stainglass window Thank you all at number 4 the Causeway for opening window number 3.  This window was opened with a small, but social distanced, gathering, to a count… Read More »Window number 3

window number 2

Window number 2

Window number 2 at 4 Lower cottages, Brent Pelham On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Two Turtle Doves What a wonderful winodw. Thank you all at 4 Lower Cottages.  Twelve days of Christmas On… Read More »Window number 2

1 Foxway window 1

Window number 1

Window number 1at 1 Foxway, Brent Pelham Welcome to the new Brent Pelham Christmas, Village Advent.  Beth Featherstone and Katey Hugi have for the past few years organised the Brent Pelham Christmas Fair with great success, but this year it… Read More »Window number 1