Village Advent

Window count down to Christmas

Window number 21

Window number 21

Window number 21 Huntsmans House, Brent Pelham Such a family Christmas window. The whole house dressed for Christmas. Thank you everyone at Huntsmans House for making such a lovely advent window…. Merry Christmas everyone… Which is your favourite detail in… Read More »Window number 21

Window number 20

Window number 20The Black Horse, Brent Pelham A lovely window full of Christmassy detail. Created by those at The Black Horse helped by two little elves. Thank everyone at The Black Horse making such a wonderful advent window…. Merry Christmas… Read More »Window number 20

Window 19

Window number 19

Window number 19 Stocks View, Brent Pelham Wow! window number 19 is absolutely wonderful. Thank everyone at Stocks View for all the effort in window number 19…. Watch out everyone the Grinch is about… How the Grinch Stole Christmas! ‚ÄúThen… Read More »Window number 19

Window number 18

Window number 18

Window number 18 Black Hall, Brent Pelham Thank you so much, everyone, at Black Hall for such an original, and joyful window Toys at Chistmas… A lovely window with all the lovely toys waiting for Father Christmas. See how many… Read More »Window number 18

Window number 17

Window number 17 2 Smithy Cottages, Brent Pelham The Holly and the Ivy… Window number 17 is so beautiful, a wonderful amount of detail all around the song the Holly and the Ivy.  Thank you so much everyone at 2… Read More »Window number 17